China News Service, Hangzhou, February 7 (Reporter Wang Yifei) On February 7, Zhejiang officially released the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation in the province on the 6th.

From 0:00 to 24:00 that day, there were no new local confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections in Zhejiang.

So far, Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, which started to encounter a new round of local epidemics at the end of last month, has had no new local confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections for three consecutive days, and staged results have been achieved in epidemic prevention and control.

  The current round of the epidemic in Hangzhou occurred on January 26.

On the same day, the city reported 1 new confirmed case, and the virus strain infected by this case was a variant strain of Omicron (BA.1 evolutionary branch).

Within a week from that day, the number of local confirmed cases in Hangzhou continued to increase due to the amplifying effect of crowd gathering activities such as corporate annual meetings and wedding banquets on the spread of the epidemic. As of February 1, 111 new local confirmed cases had been added. example.

  On February 2 and 3, as the previous prevention and control measures took effect, the number of new local cases in Hangzhou dropped to 1 or 2.

At the official press conference held in Hangzhou on the afternoon of the 3rd, Mao Genhong, deputy secretary-general of the Hangzhou Municipal Government, introduced that from the perspective of the number of cases, the inflection point of the current round of the epidemic in the city has appeared.

  After three days from February 4 to 6, Hangzhou realized that there were no new local confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections.

The Xiaoshan District and Binjiang District where the epidemic occurred in the city have successively adjusted the scope of the "three areas" (closed control area, control area, and prevention area). In Fuyang District, all traffic control measures have been lifted from 6:00 today.

  On the morning of the 7th, Hangzhou officially released a "Thank You Letter to the People of the City", in which it said: "Looking back at this winter in the past, we will remember the blistering north wind and the ferocious virus, and we will also remember you who are respectable and lovely. Watching and helping each other in the wind and snow, united as one, and marching forward together firmly towards the spring" "We have survived the winter with unity and struggle, let us be cautious, be good at the end, and do our best to normalize epidemic prevention and control, embrace spring, and create a more brilliant future. glorious future".

  Focusing on prudence and good deeds, Liu Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, went to the city's Binjiang District to direct and dispatch the epidemic prevention and control work on the 6th. He said that high standards and strict requirements must be done to manage the centralized isolation points; Take measures to prevent imports from abroad and prevent rebounds from within; strengthen the monitoring of key places, key industries, key groups and people returning to Hangzhou from key areas; improve the precision intelligent control epidemic prevention and control platform, and speed up the improvement of the actual combat effectiveness of the digital platform to ensure Digital platforms are more effective and efficient; we must strictly strengthen social prevention and control, and fully implement the "quartet of responsibilities"; we must conscientiously review the prevention and control work; we must coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.