Agents of the anti-drug brigade in Libya made an astonishing discovery this Saturday.

They have indeed got their hands on more than 300 cannabis resin tablets bearing the portrait of Vladimir Putin, the police said on Monday.

A total of 323 platelets of 250 grams each were seized in Al Marj, in the northeast of the country.

In images that have gone viral on social networks, we see the cannabis pads stacked on top of each other with, on each, the image of the Russian president in a black suit and tie, with a stern face.

Libya: seizure of cannabis wafers bearing the image of Putin

— Nob Ody (@nobodytweetnob) February 7, 2022

Crazy montages on drug shipments

The cargo had washed up on a beach near Al Marj, according to an official with the drug and narcotics control body.

No details were given as to the origin of the drug.

The authorities also could not explain the presence of Putin's portrait on the plaques.

The Libyan authorities are used to seeing the most improbable visual montages of drug shipments.

This Sunday, pads bearing the logo of a famous French luxury brand were intercepted.

Trafficking in drugs and adulterated alcohol has increased in Libya in recent years, fueled by porous borders after the fall of former dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Miscellaneous facts

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