The number of coronavirus infections in the world exceeded 394 million today, Sunday, and while the mutant Omicron continues to spread rapidly in regions in Asia, Europe and the Americas, Israel recorded a record number of infections.

According to data published by the "World Meter" website and updated continuously, the total deaths in the world rose by this morning, Sunday, to 5 million and 753 thousand deaths.

On the other hand, the number of people recovering from HIV infection in the world exceeded 313 million, according to the same source.

Countries in Western and Eastern Europe are still recording large numbers of HIV infections in light of the outbreak of the Omicron mutant, which was first detected last November in South Africa, and a sub-mutant was recently discovered.

In the past hours, Germany recorded more than 133 thousand new injuries, as well as 41 deaths, while Britain recorded on the same day 60,000 new injuries, down from high levels recorded late last year. In contrast, it witnessed a high number of deaths, which reached 260 deaths.

According to data published today, Sunday, Greece, Austria, Denmark and Poland have counted between 16 thousand and 45 thousand injuries.

Other countries in Europe, including Russia and Turkey, are counting large numbers of injuries daily.

An Israeli patient with corona is in an intensive care unit in a hospital in the city of Safed (European)

Other regions of the world

In Asia, South Korea recorded about 39,000 cases of the virus today, Sunday, in a new record, which brings the total to more than one million infections.

Countries in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, also counted large numbers of injuries, and the rate of injuries in India continued to exceed 100,000 injuries per day, while China counted only 43,000 injuries on Friday.

In Iran, Iranian MP Ali Reza Salimi said that 50 deputies in parliament were infected with the Corona virus, and this comes at a time when the authorities counted 32,000 new infections yesterday, Saturday.

And in Israel, official figures published yesterday evening, Saturday, showed that 1,229 seriously ill people with the Corona virus are receiving treatment in hospitals, which is the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic.

In this context, the Israeli Minister of Interior, Ayelet Shaked, was infected with the Corona virus, according to what the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported from the minister’s office.

It is expected that the Israeli authorities will ease, starting tomorrow, Monday, the restrictions previously imposed to limit the spread of the epidemic, with indications that the current wave caused by the rapid spread of the Omicron mutant is receding.

In Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Sunday that the decision to reopen the country's borders to international tourists may not be far off, adding that Parliament will discuss the matter this week.

In Latin America, despite the decline in the epidemic in a number of countries, Brazil still records high levels of injuries and deaths.

In the United States, the number of infections with the Corona virus continues to decline, after weeks ago it exceeded one million infections in one day, while more than 2500 thousand deaths are recorded daily.

Arab countries

In the Arab world, injuries continued to decline in some Gulf countries, especially Qatar, and injuries remained stable at more than two thousand cases in Egypt, while Palestine witnessed yesterday, Saturday, more than 3 thousand injuries.

And the authorities in Tunisia announced yesterday evening, Saturday, 20 deaths and more than 5,000 new cases of corona.

Corona origin

On the other hand, the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, announced yesterday, Saturday, that he met with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and discussed with him the issue of Corona, especially the investigation that is still faltering on the origin of the epidemic.

Ghebreyesus said he and Chiang discussed the need to cooperate more closely to determine the origins of the virus based on science and evidence.

And last year, China and the World Health Organization conducted a joint investigation that concluded that the most likely scenario is that the Corona virus was transmitted from bats to humans through an intermediary animal, and considered that the theory of the virus leaking from a Chinese laboratory was “highly unlikely.”