- Queen Elizabeth II, 95, and the United Kingdom celebrate today the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne, making her the longest-reigning queen in her country's history.

The Queen assumed the throne on February 6, 1952, and is still continuing to fully perform her roles until the moment she celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of government, for which the Kingdom has allocated a week of celebrations next July, with everyone giving a holiday for 4 days.

7 decades that made Queen Elizabeth a legend in her country and in the world, where she enjoys unparalleled popularity, as well as a fame that made her surpass celebrities in art, sports and politics.

However, sitting on the throne of the oldest democracy in the world is not an easy task, and bearing the strict protocol imposed by the royal establishment is not an easy matter, as well as the costs of governance, although the role of the Queen in the United Kingdom is more symbolic than political.

And the queen achieved a difficult equation, so she was able - despite her long reign in power - to maintain overwhelming popularity among the citizens, to give the British royal institution radiance and spread across the world.

Queen Elizabeth mediates a number of world leaders on the sidelines of the Group of Seven summit in London last year (Reuters)

What is the Queen's popularity level?

The popular poll site You Cove periodically measures the Queen's popularity.

The last poll he conducted was at the end of 2021, and it showed that the Queen's popularity is up to 76% more than any political figure in Britain.

The Queen's popularity takes a hit during crises, but she remains constant and is considered the most loved and respected figure by the British.

What about the fame of the queen?

The Queen's fame exceeds her popularity, and a study, the results of which were broadcast in a documentary film entitled "The Invincible Queen", showed that Queen Elizabeth is the most famous politician in the world, surpassing many political stars such as US President Barack Obama, the leader of the South African Nelson Mandela and others.

Even more than this, the documentary concluded that the Queen's fame surpasses media celebrities, such as the famous American media, Oprah Winfrey, and other singers such as Justin Bieber and Beyonce, and businessmen such as Bill Gates, to be the most famous personality ever, and he made the name "" Queen Elizabeth" is turning into a brand, which, according to the same documentary, ranks fifth in the ranks of the most famous and most powerful brands in the world, outperforming huge brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Microsoft.

Queen Elizabeth's popularity outstrips her popularity in her country (Getty Images)

How much is a Queen's 'brand' worth?

According to the brand experts hosted in this documentary produced by the True royalty tv platform, the British royal family's brand is worth $100 billion, and the Queen's brand alone is $50 billion, which makes them In the same rank with famous brands such as "Coca-Cola", while in the United Kingdom, the brand of the Queen is considered the most expensive without a doubt.

What about the Queen's fortune?

The Queen is considered one of the richest rulers in the world thanks to the vast real estate and lands she owns and the income from these lands, in addition to trade in a number of fields and jewellery. The Royal Institution contributes to the British economy by about two billion dollars annually.

As for the queen's fortune, it is estimated at about $400 million, which comes into her treasury from the exploitation of the lands under her ownership, private residences, jewelry worth $100 million, and valuables worth $100 million as well, and then investments amounting to $100 million.

The year of Princess Diana's death was the most difficult during the reign of Queen Elizabeth (Getty)

What are the worst crises that the Queen has gone through?

Those close to Queen Elizabeth were the cause of her worst crises, and those who made her throne shake from under her feet, were it not for the fact that this lady, known to all by her colorful clothes and a meek smiling face, possesses a determination and decisiveness that makes her able to do anything to preserve the royal institution.

It begins with the death of Princess Diana, the ex-wife of the Queen's son, Prince Charles.

The Queen admits that the year of Diana's death - or the People's Princess as her title was - was the "hardest year" in all her reign, and the Queen found herself in the midst of a wave of popular anger, because she did not deal well with the princess.

As for the third crisis, it was caused by Diana's son, Prince Harry, who initially made the decision to withdraw from the royal family, and at that time the Queen agreed to this decision, but in return she stripped him of all his titles, especially military ones, before Harry and his wife Megan came out with a historical dialogue in which they accuse The royal family is racist towards people of color.

The Queen personally received this file, and gradually succeeded in mitigating the intensity of the shock caused by this dialogue, and despite her promises to investigate the couple's statements and to form a committee to follow up on the matter, no new candidate has been nominated so far.

The stern face of the Queen also appeared with her son Andrew, who faces heavy accusations of sexual assault being investigated by the American courts, and as soon as the American court decided to proceed with the investigation of these charges, the Queen announced that the prince would be stripped of all his military titles.

According to British media reports, this step made the prince collapse in tears, but this did not change anything in the decision of his mother, the queen.

What is the fate of property in Britain?

The Queen, accompanied by her son Charles, is working on a plan that determines the future of the British royal family. The latter knows that the young people do not view the monarchy in its current form with the same admiration, which is what many opinion polls have shown.

That is why the Queen announced a reduction in the number of princes who have public duties or tasks that they perform, and news leaked that her son Charles was planning to completely abandon Buckingham Palace in central London, and make it a tourist attraction.

Prince William, the grandson of the Queen and his wife Kate, is also heavily marketed as the young face of the royal family, and the modern image of this family.

Queen Elizabeth II with some members of the royal family (Reuters)

Will the Queen abdicate because of her age?

It does not appear that the Queen has any intention of abdicating the throne in favor of her son, despite the fact that she is 95 years old.

Recently, the Queen was forced to apologize for a number of official activities, after doctors advised her to rest.

However, the Queen soon returned to practice her life and activities, despite the fact that many of them were limited to receiving guests, honoring personalities and giving speeches from a distance, as she rarely left her castle in Windsor, but without any intention to give up the throne while she was alive. .