The "Happy Yemen Brigades" are advancing on 3 fronts, and prominent Houthi leaders have been killed

The forces of the "Happy Yemen Brigades", qualitatively trained by the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, continued their advance on three main fronts at the expense of the Houthi terrorist militia, while a number of prominent Houthi leaders were killed on the fronts of Ma'rib and the coalition raids on Sana'a.

Field sources in Hajjah Governorate, northwest of Yemen, confirmed the continuation of the operations of the "Happy Yemen Brigades" in the liberation and purification of the border city of Haradh with Saudi Arabia, after liberating

 70% of them during a surprise operation carried out yesterday through two axes.

The sources pointed out that the forces, with direct support from the coalition fighters, advanced across from the eastern side of the Haradh district, through the first axis, from the Al-Faj area, passing through the Al-Muhsam camp to the Al-Hasain Mountains, from the eastern front of Haradh, and the second, towards the village of Al-Khamj, the asphalt line and sandy roads, all the way to the mountains Al-Hussain, to be applied to the militias in the city of Haradh, while the forces of the Fifth Military Region of the legitimacy were limited to securing the liberated areas.

The forces of the Happy Yemen Brigades had liberated Jabal Muhsin and Jabal al-Shabaka that overlooks Wadi Red, and continued their advance through the Al-Malahiz Triangle towards Saada and Jabal al-Nar, as well as on the road leading to the Midi district on the western front of Haradh, and the road leading to the Abs district from the side of the Ahem Triangle. The road connecting the city of Haradh and Jabal al-Hayjah, where the main road for the Houthis is between Abs and Haradh.

The sources indicated that the roads leading to the city of Haradh within the area of ​​operations were controlled, and movement was prohibited for fear of civilian casualties, as the besieged Houthis are being dealt with in the city center.

For its part, the coalition fighters launched a series of raids targeting the vehicles, gatherings and fortifications of the remaining militias in the city of Haradh, which led to the destruction of Houthi vehicles and weapons, killing and wounding many of its members.

The cannons of Hell, which were brought into the battles of Haradh, also bombed Houthi positions and positions in Haradh, leaving dead and wounded among its members, as well as destroying fortifications and fighting mechanisms in separate areas of the city.

In the Saada axis, the forces of the Al-Saeed Yemen Brigades continued their advance in the Al-Malahiz axis towards the districts of Al-Zahir and Haidan, the main militia stronghold.

For its part, the coalition fighters targeted Houthi reinforcements in the same areas of the districts of Haidan and Al Dhaher, leaving Houthis dead and wounded and destroying several militia vehicles.

The coalition fighters also targeted Houthi reinforcements and mechanisms in the Kataf al-Baqqa front, and Yemeni army artillery bombed a Houthi training site in the Raqq area in the Munabbih district, killing and wounding African mercenaries and Houthis at the site.

In Sana’a, the combat operations of the Happy Yemen Brigades continued, backed by the Yemeni army and tribes, in the northwestern front towards the road linking the Mudaghl and Majzar districts, on the outskirts of Al-Jawf Governorate, and the countryside of the capital, Sana’a, on the side of the Mehzam Mass.

Field sources confirmed the continuation of progress on that front, at the expense of the militias that fled to the surrounding mountains, while the Happy Yemen Brigades pushed new forces towards Madghal and Massar to open fronts towards Al-Jawf and the countryside of Sana’a, as part of the major military operation against the Houthis that was prepared for over a period of time. past months.

On the other hand, the Arab coalition announced at dawn today the start of a military operation on legitimate targets in Sanaa and a number of governorates, in response to the threat and the military necessity to protect civilians from hostile attacks, followed by targeting operations with a series of air raids on Houthi targets in the Bani Hashish district, northeast of the capital, Sana’a.

Local sources confirmed the destruction of a Houthi weapons depot and a Houthi ballistic missile launcher in the Zajan area and in the Beit al-Nakhif Valley in the Bani Hashish district, northeast of the capital, which led to its destruction and the death of a Houthi leader and a foreign missile launch expert. Their bodies were transferred to a hospital in Sanaa.

The coalition fighters targeted, with a series of intense and focused raids, Al-Daylami Air Base in the vicinity of Sanaa International Airport, north of the capital, which caused huge explosions at the base as a result of destroying a weapons depot containing Houthi strategic missiles that the militias were trying to transfer to other areas.

Also, 12 raids targeted Houthi sites in the vicinity of Haradh district, which led to the destruction of weapons and left Houthis dead. Houthi reinforcements were also targeted in the Khub and Al Sha’af district in Al-Jawf, as well as Houthi sites and mechanisms in Al-Juba and Madghal in the Ma’rib governorate.

In Sanaa, the Houthi militia yesterday acknowledged the death of Abdul-Khaleq Al-Houthi, brother of the militia leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, without disclosing the area in which he was killed, as news indicates that he was killed in the coalition raid on the secret operations room in Al-Junaid house in the Libyan neighborhood, in which a number of prominent Houthi leaders were killed last month. the past.

Field sources had confirmed the killing of the prominent Houthi leader, Muhyi al-Din al-Houthi, also a relative of Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, and Major General Nasser Ali al-Jarmuzy, along with 20 of their members on the western and southern Marib fronts.

In Taiz, the joint Yemeni forces targeted Houthi sites in the Maqbna district, west of Taiz, which led to the destruction of vehicles and the death and injury of a number of Houthis. They also targeted Houthi sites in the center of Jabal Ras District, southeast of Hodeidah.

In Hodeidah, navigational sources at the port of Hodeidah confirmed the arrival of the oil ship “Seadoor” to the port of Hodeidah, carrying more than 29,000 tons of gasoline, after being granted permission to enter.

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