Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced today, Saturday, that he had tested positive for the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) without showing severe symptoms, while the mandatory vaccination law in Austria entered into force.

The 67-year-old president wrote on Twitter, "After experiencing mild symptoms, my wife and I tested positive for the coronavirus. Fortunately, the infection was mild and we learned it was caused by the mutant Omicron."

"We will continue to carry out our duties and work from home. We hope that you will pray for us," he added.

"God willing, we will overcome this injury with Mr. Tayeb," his 66-year-old wife, Emine Erdogan, wrote on her official Twitter account.

Bugün hafif belirtiler üzerine eşimle birlikte yaptırdığımız COVID-19 testimizin sonucu pozitif çıktı.

Omicron varyantı olduğunu öğrendiğimiz hastalığı hamdolsun hafif geçiriyoruz.

Görevimizin başındayız.

Çalışmalarımıza evde devam edeceğiz.

Dualarınızı bekliyoruz.

— Recep Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (@RTErdogan) February 5, 2022

Wishes and wishes

For his part, the leader of the opposition Republican People's Party, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, expressed his wishes for the safety of President Erdoğan and his wife.

"I wish a speedy recovery and safety for Mr. Erdogan and his wife Amina," Kilicdaroglu said in a tweet on Twitter today.

Turkey, with a population of about 85 million, has recorded about 12 million infections and 90,000 deaths related to the Corona virus since the beginning of the epidemic.

Since last January, this country has imposed a 7-day sanitary isolation in the event that Covid-19 infection is confirmed, with the possibility of lifting it if the test is proven negative on the fifth day.

The number of daily infections in Turkey increased in recent weeks to exceed 100,000, and the authorities attribute this to the new mutant, Omicron.

The muzzle is widely used in Turkey, but schools and universities are still open and life continues as usual without restrictions.

Austria confirmed the mandatory vaccination of all residents over the age of 18 (French)

Mandatory vaccination

In developments related to the epidemic, the compulsory vaccination against the Corona virus enters into force in Austria today;

In an unprecedented measure within the European Union, after it was issued and published in the Official Gazette on Friday.

And the Austrian President's office announced in a statement that "Alexander van der Bellen issued this afternoon the federal law on mandatory vaccination against Covid-19."

The Austrian parliament approved the text on January 20 with a wide majority, and the vote against it was limited to the extreme right.

The law provides for mandatory vaccination of all residents over the age of 18 in the country of 8.9 million people, and excludes pregnant women, those who contracted the virus less than 180 days ago and those who can be exempted on medical grounds.

Monitoring operations will not start until mid-March, after which fines ranging from 600 to 3,600 euros (687-4,122 dollars) can be imposed, but they will be lifted if the violator receives the vaccine within two weeks.

Less than 70% of the population received a full vaccination (with a commitment in most cases to get 3 doses), which is lower than that recorded in France and Spain, and it has decreased after the expiration of many vaccination certificates recently.

Health indicators in Spain have improved (French)

easing restrictions

In Spain, Health Minister Carolina Darias announced that the muzzle will not remain mandatory abroad as of next Tuesday, a measure that Madrid had re-imposed since the end of last December in the face of a wave of Corona virus infections caused by the mutant Omicron.

And she stressed that "all" health indicators "show an improvement, especially the occupancy rate" of hospital beds, and the percentage of injured.

In France, the health authorities confirmed yesterday that the spread of Covid-19 is slowing down in the country, but it remains high, especially among adults over 70 years old, calling not to abandon the measures that limit the spread of the epidemic.

The National Health Agency said "there are encouraging signs", but "a lot, a lot of caution" is necessary.

And she considered that the emergence of mutagens such as "BA.2" requires "the greatest attention".

The number of additional cases in hospitals decreased by (-7%), while the number of cases requiring intensive care remained constant by (-3%).

More than half a million deaths from the virus in India (Reuters)

numbers and statistics

In India, the second country in the number of injuries in the world, the authorities announced yesterday, Friday, that 500,000 deaths from Covid-19 had been recorded in the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

Many experts consider this figure to be much lower than the actual figures for a country of 1.3 billion people.

In the Arab world, the Bahraini Ministry of Health announced the registration of 7,273 new infections, and 5,156 cases recovered, with a total of 347,11 cases, while the total deaths stabilized at 1,410 cases after no new deaths were recorded.

In Palestine, Minister of Health May Al-Kaila said that 8 deaths, 3051 new infections with the “Corona” virus and 7,375 cases of recovery were recorded, noting that the recovery rate from the virus reached 86.8%, while the percentage of active infections was 12.3%, and the death rate was 0.9% of all infections. .

And in Iraq, the Ministry of Health reported today, Saturday, that 23 new deaths from the Corona virus were recorded during the past 24 hours.

This brings the total deaths from the epidemic in Iraq to 24,499.

The ministry said - in today's report - that 4,316 cases of the virus were recorded, bringing the total number of infections to two million 244 thousand and 610 injuries.

The latest figures indicate that the number of injuries in the world reached 392 million and 415 thousand and 864 injuries, according to the “Worldometer” website, which specializes in monitoring all statistics on the outbreak of the epidemic, and 5 million and 746 thousand and 671 deaths since noon. In China in December 2019.

According to WHO estimates, the total number of deaths may be 2-3 times higher, taking into account the increased number of deaths due to Covid-19 directly and indirectly.