- Although days have passed since an Iraqi armed faction announced that the UAE was targeting drones, the repercussions of the situation still cast a shadow over the scene inside Iraq and the region, amid the continuation of the different political reactions and statements regarding the involvement of Iraq in the axes of the neighboring conflict, this time with military intervention.

— Muqtada al-Sayyid Muhammad al-Sadr (@Mu_AlSadr) February 3, 2022

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While there was no comment from the Iraqi government on the adoption of the "Brigades of Right Promise" faction to target the Emirates with four drones, the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr accused armed parties of plunging Iraq into a "dangerous" regional war by targeting a Gulf state under the pretext of its normalization with Israel, in reference to To target the Emirates, which is rapidly moving towards full normalization with Israel.

Al-Sadr said in a tweet on Twitter, "After the escalating violence in Iraq by armed terrorist parties against the interests of the people and political blocs, some outlaw terrorists rushed to plunge Iraq into a dangerous regional war by targeting a Gulf country under the pretext of normalization, the Yemen war, or the like." that".

The targeting of the UAE came at a time when Al-Sadr is busy forming a majority government in the country after his current won the most seats in parliament in the recent parliamentary elections, and is engaged in a heated political struggle with the rest of the Shiite political forces associated with the armed factions.

Fadlallah confirmed that the resistance coordination did not adopt targeting the Emirates (Al Jazeera Net)

Factions welcome

For its part, the Iraqi Resistance Coordination responded to Al-Sadr's tweet, which did not like it, as the "Coordination Committee of the Iraqi Resistance" - in a statement - blessed the targeting of an Iraqi faction to the UAE by drones. The Emirati affirms that justice and sovereignty will only be achieved by the will of the heroes, not by defending the statelet of killers of children and innocents that interferes in the affairs of the country and controls its political and security decisions.

She added, "It is surprising that you find those who claim to keep the country away from engaging in regional wars, so has the defense of its honor and homeland against a criminal Zionist state become engaging in a regional war?! How do you judge?"

Despite its blessing for targeting the UAE, parties close to the armed factions indicated that the coordination blessed without adopting or indicating that any of the factions affiliated with the coordination adopted that targeting.

Legal Adviser Ali Fadlallah, a spokesman for the Rights Movement (the political wing of the Iraqi Hezbollah), stated that the coordination with its factions did not adopt the attack, adding that “the coordination in principle supports the Yemenis’ defense of their land, amid the continued aggression by Saudi Arabia and the UAE on Yemen and its siege in full view and hearing from United Nations, the European Union and America.

Fadlallah reiterated that no faction of the Resistance Coordination had adopted the targeting, despite the fact that "the UAE has interference in the political affairs of Iraq," as he explains.

Government responsibility

Observers hold the Iraqi government responsible for the escalation of threats and targeting of countries in the region from the Iraqi interior, especially after it did not comment on the adoption of targeting a country in the region by an Iraqi armed faction.

Security expert Ahmed Shawqi describes the targeting as a dangerous escalation, noting that "Iraqi factions' interference in a regional matter is borne by the Iraqi government for security."

Shawqi demanded that the government should control the inside of the Iraqi borders, without allowing any armed forces to attack another country so that Iraq would not be a source of threat to its neighborhood.

Al-Qaisi ruled out the ability of the Iraqi factions to launch drones to a distance of more than a thousand kilometers (Al-Jazeera Net)

shuffle the cards

Military experts rule out the possibility of targeting the Emirates from the Iraqi interior, given the distance and the lack of sufficient capabilities for the arrival of drones from the borders of Iraq to the Emirates. The Iraqi politician, especially after talking about the UAE’s interference in the recent elections and government formation talks,” he said, explaining that the distance from Iraq to the UAE is long and amounts to more than 1,300 km, which excludes the theory that any armed faction in Iraq possesses drones that can cover this distance.

According to al-Qaisi, the faction’s announcement of the targeting’s adoption came for two reasons, the first of which was political and was nothing but a shuffling of cards, and the second was related to the war in Yemen and its ideological background.

Threat and repeat attacks

The latest targeting comes after several threats made by people linked to the armed factions towards the UAE after accusing it of interfering in the recent Iraqi parliamentary elections, as well as in the negotiations to form the government, and its impact on political parties from the Sunni political house.

Despite this, the adoption of targeting was not the first from the Iraqi interior towards the countries of the region.

Two years ago, Saudi oil facilities in Baqi and Khurais, east of Riyadh, were subjected to a violent attack, and the government of then Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi categorically denied that the attack was from inside Iraqi territory.

In its statement, the government said, "Iraq denies using its territory to attack Saudi oil installations with drones, and affirms its constitutional commitment to prevent the use of its territory for aggression against its neighbors, brothers and friends."

The statement added that "the Iraqi government will deal firmly against anyone who tries to violate the constitution." At that time, it was announced that committees had been formed from relevant Iraqi parties, but these committees have not announced any results regarding the investigation into the matter until today.