During the presidential election "we are going to have to choose between Emmanuel Macron's immobility and extremism", affirmed the LR candidate in Charleville-Mézières, criticizing Marine Le Pen who "bankrupted her party and is preparing to bankrupt his country".

"She is absolutely not credible to lead France" and that would add "discord to disorder if she came to power", she said, calling for this message to be conveyed to "all those who would be tempted by a coup of anger, of despair, because they can no longer take the life that Emmanuel Macron has inflicted on them".

As for Eric Zemmour "it's the France of the ORTF, black and white TV", but "we never made plans for the future by looking in the rear view mirror", she assured.

"He talks to us about the fight against Islamism" and "at the same time his friend is called Tariq Ramadan", she added, indignantly: "it seems according to Eric Zemmour that he is the victim of 'a cabal'.

The candidate's team has multiplied in recent days the attacks against Eric Zemmour and his "nauseating methods", lending Valérie Pécresse an indulgence towards the Islamists.

"I have made the fight against Islamism the red thread of my action since I have been president of the Ile-de-France region", she said, condemning a "new totalitarianism of the 21st century" because "the Islamists have decided to destroy us".

"We choose de Gaulle, he chooses Pétain", she added, before returning to Eric Zemmour's controversial exit concerning the disabled.

"That's when I realized he didn't have the stuff to lead our beautiful country," she said.

"Humanity is with us, the social right is us," she said.

An OpinionWay study published on Friday gives Valérie Pécresse 15% of voting intentions, one point behind Marine Le Pen and two ahead of Eric Zemmour.

In the hometown of Arthur Rimbaud, she also criticized "the long season in hell of ten years of Macronland", deploring the economic record ("of checks and failures") of a "lonely and authoritarian Jupiter" who "totally failed on authority".

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