[Xi Jinping visits Shanxi to visit and condolence to the affected people]

  On the afternoon of the 26th, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Fengnanyuan Village, Shizhuang Township, Huozhou City, Shanxi Province, to learn about the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction in Shanxi.

Xi Jinping told the villagers that I came to Shanxi today mainly to care about the impact of last year's disaster on everyone's production and life.

I am gratified that although the disaster was very serious, with the care and help of the party and the government, thanks to your self-reliance, the post-disaster reconstruction and replanting work in autumn and winter were quickly grasped, and I had a bottom line.

Make sure to have a good year!

[Xi Jinping talks about rural revitalization: Make rural life rush to modernization, and the more you go, the more rushing you are]

  On the afternoon of the 26th, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Duan Village, Sengnian Town, Fenxi County, Shanxi Province, visited the village convenience service center and visited the villagers' homes.

Xi Jinping said to the villagers that I am very happy to see that everyone is satisfied with their current life.

In the next step, we still have a long way to go. The goal of the first century of struggle has been achieved, and the new journey of the second century has begun. We will build a modern socialist country in an all-round way.

Modernization is inseparable from the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. It is necessary to connect the consolidation of poverty alleviation achievements with rural revitalization, so that rural life can be modernized, and it will become more and more exciting.

  (Text: People's Daily reporter Du Shangze; Photo: Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xueren Xie Huanchi; Video: CCTV News)