Warm soldier travel road

  ——The military and the local work together to provide high-quality guarantee for officers and soldiers on family visits and vacations

  Xining Joint Logistics Support Center coordinates multiple airlines

  Help plateau officers and soldiers travel easily

  From our newspaper, Xu Rongyuan and reporter Sun Xingwei reported: "I really didn't expect to be able to buy air tickets so quickly when the Spring Festival is approaching." On the eve of the Spring Festival, Li Zeling, a sergeant stationed in the Ali Plateau, had a smile on his face after receiving the air ticket, "With this With a ticket, you can fly back to your hometown from the Ali Plateau on the same day to celebrate the New Year.”

  Behind the home tour ticket is the heart-warming action of Xining Joint Logistics Support Center to solve the difficult travel of officers and soldiers in the plateau.

  Horseback riding, on foot, by car, by train... In the past, the border guards stationed in the Ali area had a long journey up and down the plateau, and they had to climb over several Dabans with an altitude of more than 5,000 meters.

In July 2010, Ali Kunsha Airport was completed and opened to traffic.

  In view of the increasing demand for air transportation in Ali, in order to facilitate the travel of officers and soldiers on the plateau, in recent years, with the joint efforts of the military and local governments, the relevant departments and the Xining Joint Logistics Support Center have coordinated with a number of airlines, and successively opened the "Xi'an-Kashi-Ali" service. "Urumqi-Kashi-Ali", "Chengdu-Lhasa-Ali" and other routes, at the same time increase the frequency of flights in the direction of Ali.

In addition, the transportation and delivery department of the center also coordinated with the civil aviation department to provide priority service for the plateau officers and soldiers by reserving air tickets and setting up a ticket hotline.

  "We have also negotiated with airlines to launch a number of services that benefit the military, such as establishing a rapid evacuation mechanism for officers and soldiers in the plateau, opening a green channel for emergency travel of officers and soldiers, and increasing the weight of checked luggage," said a staff member of the transportation and delivery department of the center. In the future, it will be more convenient for officers and soldiers to travel in the plateau.

 A dispatch center in the eastern theater coordinates relevant railway stations

  Fully serve the past officers and soldiers

  From this newspaper, Zhou Peng and reporter Sun Xingwei reported: "There is a green channel in the waiting area. After checking tickets through the facial recognition system at the gate, we can go directly to the platform, which is convenient and fast!" I like the service in the waiting area for soldiers at Lianyungang high-speed railway station in Jiangsu.

  "On the eve of the Spring Festival, the military waiting area of ​​the Lianyungang High-speed Railway Station was officially put into use." A staff member of a dispatch center in the Eastern Theater District introduced to reporters that in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival, the center actively coordinated the subordinate railway stations to refine and optimize the entry and exit channel procedures to ensure Officers and soldiers are given priority in accordance with the law, and travel is safe and convenient.

  The military waiting area is warm and comfortable, with a dedicated changing area, and each seat has a USB charging socket.

In the emergency response area, medical masks, thermometers, disinfectants and other anti-epidemic materials are readily available.