President Rocco?

As if Italian politics weren't chaotic enough (or perhaps precisely because it is), an unexpected candidate has landed in the presidential race: a certain Rocco Siffredi, king of porn, therefore not really known for the power of his political thought.

On January 20, the porn star posted a video message, in the form of a joke, in which he announced his intention to introduce himself.

After four ballots, no president has yet been chosen in the Italian Parliament and a new vote is scheduled for Friday.

Rocco therefore hopes to get things moving.

"It's a great pleasure to hear that politics is no longer the boring, sad thing we used to be used to, so in light of new openings to the world of porn, of which, as you know, I'm a established representative, I officially declare my candidacy for the role of President of the Republic", he had declared, before resuming: "After all, it is well known that I have done more good for the country than all the politicians combined" .

On merit

But it would seem that the fan reaction encouraged Rocco to take the joke a little further… A few days later, the one who starred in more than 1,300 porn movies (and continues to have the most prolific career for a male actor) "officially" announced his candidacy.

“You are crazy, I have received your many messages with great pleasure, you have written to me by the thousands, what can I say: incredible.

Thank you very much.

I have therefore decided to go ahead and officially formalize my candidacy for the role of President of the Italian Republic.

After all, I deserve it, I broke my back for 30 years to entertain you, I've done this country more good than any other politician in history," he said, thus launching the “Rocco President” campaign.

This Thursday, it was with his wife that he appeared to broadcast another message on Instagram for the attention of Italian politicians.

“Maybe these politicians have forgotten their role as servants of the people, it's time for a change!

“said the couple facing the camera.


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