As noted in the department, anticancer and cardiovascular drugs are in second and third places.

The Federal Service for Intellectual Property also explained to RT that from April 2020 (the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic) to January 20 of this year, 1042 applications for inventions and utility models in the field of technologies to combat viruses and concomitant diseases were submitted.

In addition, as experts added, 468 patents for technologies in this area were issued.

Rospatent said that last year, scientists from the State Research Center for Immunology Institute of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia received a patent for the MIR 19 drug, which has an antiviral effect against the new coronavirus and related viruses.

In addition, a development in the field of biotechnology was patented in 2021, which helps the body fight the development of tumor cells, the department said.

In addition, scientists have invented and patented a method to increase the effectiveness of antibiotics, as well as a nanostructured composition for oral delivery of insulin (by ingestion) and a method for obtaining it.

Earlier, Rospatent spoke about the growth in the number of applications for inventions in early 2021.