China News Service, January 27. On January 27, the National Immigration Administration held a press conference to announce the main data and results of immigration management in 2021.

It was reported at the meeting that a total of 19,600 criminal cases of obstructing national (border) management were investigated and handled throughout the year, and 98,500 people involved were arrested, of which 50,100 were subject to criminal compulsory measures and 48,400 were given administrative penalties, up 139% year-on-year and 10,000 people respectively. 256%, 265%, and 247%. On average, more than 50 cases were detected every day, and more than 200 people involved were arrested.

Throughout the year, 79,000 foreigners with “three illegals” were investigated and punished according to law, and were given warnings, fines, administrative detention, and time-limited departure in strict accordance with the law. Among them, 44,000 were deported, and the proportion of deportations increased by 21% compared with last year. %, more than 100 people are repatriated every day on average.

Throughout the year, 10.38 tons of various types of drugs and 626.28 tons of precursor chemicals were seized; 2,598 guns of various types were seized; the value of smuggled goods was 376 million yuan.