Germany's supply of 5,000 helmets to Ukraine was disgusted, the mayor of Kiev: speechless, will you send pillows next?

  [Global Network Reporter Lin Zeyu] The British "Guardian" reported that the German Ministry of Defense announced on the 26th that it will provide Ukraine with 5,000 military helmets and other material support.

However, the Mayor of Kiev, Ukraine, Klitschko did not seem satisfied with the German "ceremony". He responded: This left us speechless, "What kind of support will Germany provide next? Pillow?".

  Regarding the background of the matter, the report claimed that German Chancellor Scholz had previously refused to export arms to Ukraine and was accused of "obstructing NATO's actions to provide arms (to Ukraine)."

Earlier this week, Ukraine's ambassador to Germany had urged the German government to help at least by sending 100,000 helmets and body armor.

Subsequently, German Defense Minister Lambrecht announced on the 26th that Berlin will provide 5,000 military helmets, which she said sent "a very clear signal: we are on your side."

The report also said that Germany will also provide a complete field hospital and necessary training at a cost of 5.3 million euros (about 37.65 million yuan).

  Germany has said it will provide support, but Ukraine's ambassador to Germany, Melnik, told Reuters in an interview that his "symbolic statement" to Germany was welcome but insufficient because Ukraine now needs the equipment of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, and The helmet isn't the most urgently needed part.

"At least we're happy to see a shift in attitude in Germany, but what we need most is defensive weapons," Melnick said.

  The mayor of Kiev, Ukraine, Klitschko, was even more dissatisfied.

He told the German newspaper Bild: "The actions of the German government leave me speechless, the German Ministry of Defense obviously does not realize that we are facing a well-equipped Russian army who can start another invasion of Ukraine at any time. What kind of support will come down? Pillows?"

  While the United States and Britain have begun sending more weapons to Ukraine, German Chancellor Scholz has ruled out sending "lethal weapons" to Ukraine for historical reasons, according to Reuters.

German Defense Minister Lambrecht also emphasized when announcing the provision of 5,000 military helmets and other support to Ukraine on the 26th: "This is exactly how we will continue to work hard in this conflict. The conflict moves towards a peaceful solution."