China News Service, January 27. On January 27, the National Immigration Administration held a press conference to announce the main data and results of immigration management in 2021.

The host of the meeting, Chen Jie, informed that the defense line against the importation of the epidemic will continue to be consolidated and comprehensively built.

Resolutely implement the general strategy of "preventing imports from abroad and preventing rebounds from within", stick to the battle position and fight against the epidemic, strengthen port inspections and border interception, control the flow of non-essential cross-border personnel, and comprehensively consolidate and strengthen the national border defense line to prevent the import of overseas epidemics .

In 2021, continue to suspend port visas and regional visa-free policies, implement strict and strict entry policies, and provide foreigners who come to China to engage in economic, trade, scientific and technological activities and have urgent humanitarian needs in a safe and orderly manner under the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and safety. Necessary entry convenience was provided, and 4.531 million foreigners entered and exited the country in 2019, a year-on-year decrease of 65.9%.

Continue to advocate non-urgent and non-essential not leaving the country, strictly approve and issue entry-exit documents for mainland residents, and the general public fully understands and cooperates. A total of 630,000 ordinary passports, 1.44 million travel documents for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 5.91 million endorsements were accepted and approved throughout the year.

Data map: The departure hall of Terminal 3 of Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport.

Photo by Qu Honglun

  Chen Jie said that to further improve the port epidemic prevention and control measures, according to the needs of the entry and exit management of different types of port personnel and transportation vehicles by land, sea and air, improve the "passenger stop and cargo connection" and non-contact transfer with land ports, and non-essential "do not board ships" at sea ports. "No landing, no docking", the airport port "international and domestic isolation, passenger and employee separation, freight and passenger divisions" requirements are suitable for supervision and inspection measures, and closed-loop management is strictly implemented.

Further strengthen the "first-line patrol and control, second-line investigation, and jurisdictional control" in border areas, adhere to the 22,000-kilometer land border line day and night, implement full-time patrol and control over more than 1,900 mountain passes, side roads and ferries, and implement full-time patrol and control of personnel and vehicles entering and leaving border areas. All-weather two-way inspections are carried out, and full-coverage inspections are carried out for foreigners and foreigners in the border villages.

Further strengthen joint prevention and control with various localities and departments, promptly notify customs, health and health departments and the territorial joint prevention and control mechanism of personnel information in high-risk areas, cooperate with flow investigation and traceability, and regional coordinated investigations, and promote the realization of a closed loop from "national door" to "home door" manage.