China News Service, January 27th. Recently, an incident of Asian racial discrimination occurred in Arcadia, Los Angeles, USA.

Chinese boxer Yang Lianhui was provoked twice by a homeless man who even let a dog bite him.

  However, what was relieved was that after being provoked one after another, Yang Lianhui picked up the stick to fight back, and finally drove the opponent away.

The picture shows Yang Lianhui fighting back against the homeless.

Image source: Screenshot of the video of "World Daily" in the United States

  At about 8:00 a.m. local time on January 24, when Yang Lianhui opened the door of the boxing gym and swept the floor, a homeless man with a dog suddenly stepped forward to provoke and abuse him, and shouted "Go back to China".

  Yang Lianhui said that he was wearing a Chinese national team uniform with the words CHINA (China) on the back, which may have inspired the dissatisfaction of the homeless.

The picture shows Yang Lianhui.

Image source: Screenshot of the video of "World Daily" in the United States

  After the homeless scolded for about 10 minutes, Yang Lianhui scolded back a few words out of anger.

This seemed to irritate the homeless man, who made a move to rush over to beat people, and even let the dogs bite them.

Yang Lianhui immediately picked up the stick and beat the dog away.

  Unexpectedly, the tramp came to provoke again that afternoon.

He first insulted the boxing gym for nearly half an hour, and asked for a face-to-face conversation.

Seeing that he could not get any advantage verbally, the homeless seemed to let the dog bite again.

The homeless spit at Yang Lianhui.

Screenshot of the video of "World Journal" in the United States

  Seeing this, the unbearable Yang Lianhui raised her foot and kicked the dog away.

Yang Lianhui raised her foot and kicked the dog away.

Screenshot of the video of "World Journal" in the United States

  In fact, this is not the first time Yang Lianhui has faced such a situation.

  Two years ago, an African-American suspect attacked Yang Lianhui's boxing gym, and then the two staged a street chase.

Yang Lianhui said that he wanted to subdue the criminals with a shotgun, but in order to avoid breaking local laws, he chose to stay rational and chase after him with his bare hands.

  During the process, the suspect stabbed him with a knife, and the suspect eventually fled.

Discrimination against Asians is released, and overseas compatriots need to protect themselves!

  In recent years, crimes involving Asian-American hate have occurred frequently in the United States, especially attacks or robberies in public places.

  On January 8, Amy Wax, a tenured professor at the University of Pennsylvania, openly remarked that Asian Americans "poisoned scientific institutions" when participating in an interview program.

Amy Wax, professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania.

Video screenshot

  On January 18, during the basketball game between the Badgers of the University of Wisconsin and the Wildcats of Northwestern University, a man made insulting actions such as "squinting" and raising his middle finger to the Asian students of Northwestern University.

Video screenshot

  On the 15th, in New York City, the United States, a Chinese woman died after being pushed off the rails by a homeless man at a subway station for no reason.

  The New York Times pointed out that since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, hate attacks against Asians have caused this group to suffer too much suffering and injustice.

  Taking Chinese living in New York as an example, a survey released by Columbia University in October last year showed that between March and December 2020, 58% had experienced some form of discrimination, and 20% had experienced threats or threats. harassment.

  Under the epidemic, harassment and even violence against Asians has continued to increase. Some analysts believe that this is a continuation of the history of racism in the United States.

But in the absence of widely recognized symbols of hatred against Asians, when Asians are attacked, it becomes very difficult to prove that the attackers have racist motives.

  Therefore, it is particularly important for overseas Chinese and Chinese students in the United States to improve their safety awareness and strengthen self-protection.