In the controversy surrounding his nomination for the office of Federal President by the AfD, the head of the Union of Values, Max Otte, is no longer exercising the office for the time being.

"Out of respect for the office of the Federal President and his dignity, I will leave my position as chairman of the Union of Values ​​and all other party-political activities until after the election of the Federal Assembly on February 14, 2022," said Otte in a statement released on Wednesday by the Union of values ​​was spread.

"During this time, the official business will be managed and carried out by the deputy chairmen," Otte explained.

“Immediately after the election, the Board of the Union of Values ​​will discuss how to proceed.

Otte was nominated by the AfD leadership on Monday as a candidate for the federal presidential election on February 13.

He rejected calls from his own party, the CDU, to reject this.

As a result, the CDU federal executive decided on Tuesday evening that Otte would be “excluded with immediate effect and for the time being” until a party court made a decision on the case, as General Secretary Paul Ziemiak said.