The mayor of Alcorcón, Natalia de Andrés (PSOE), has been sentenced to five years of disqualification from administering other people's assets of public or private ownership, considering her responsible, subsidiarily, for leading

the Municipal Real Estate Management Company of Alcorcón to insolvency

( Emgiasa), according to a judgment of Madrid Mercantile Court No. 6 to which this newspaper has had access.

This same cause has also affected eight other people who were part of the Board of Directors of Emgiasa in 2010, including

the former mayor Enrique Cascallana

, who has been sentenced to 10 years of disqualification from administering other people's assets of public or private ownership.

In the same order, the magistrate, in addition, disqualifies De Andrés and the rest of the members to "

represent or manage any public or private person

, exercise commerce or hold office or administrative or economic intervention in commercial or industrial companies, in a and public or private ownership.

In the sentence, the judge appreciates in the bankrupt and in its plural collegiate administrative body "

serious and constant accounting irregularities

repeated at least in three accounting years".

As soon as the news was known, the PP of Madrid, in the mouth of its general secretary, Ana Camíns, has demanded "the

immediate resignation

of the mayor of Alcorcón".

For Camíns "it is a shame that with this sentence Natalia de Andrés continues to lead this Consistory...

she cannot continue for another minute

managing a municipality of more than 170,000 inhabitants".

It is not the first time Justice focuses on De Andrés.

In 2019, she was sentenced to

pay 3,000 euros to two businessmen for illegitimate violation of the right to honor

in an article published on the website of the Socialist Municipal Group in October 2017.

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