Intestinal bacteria help people to stay healthy in various ways.

But how to care for our intestinal bacteria is not as clear.

For between SEK 1,500 and SEK 3,500, with the help of various companies, you can find out which bacteria are in the colon and then get adapted dietary advice.

You do the test at home and send a sample that is analyzed.

- It's about helping people find the right dietary advice.

We can not guarantee anything, but intestinal flora analysis can be a help along the way, says Walter Fischer at Gutfeeling labs, one of the companies that offers tests.

Fredrik Bäckehed researches intestinal bacteria and dietary advice.

According to him, the scientific support for such recommendations is so far weak.

- These companies claim high and low about intestinal bacteria and how to improve their health.

But there are no studies that support their claims, he says.

No clear connections

The lack of large, repeated studies is described in the scientific journal The Lancet.

The National Food Administration also notes that it is difficult to find strong and unambiguous connections between the food we eat and our intestinal flora.

- Several studies are based on few participants and with extreme differences in the evaluated diet, says Anna Karin Lindroos, nutritionist at the National Food Administration.

According to her, there is much to suggest that a healthy diet has a positive effect on the intestinal flora, but that it is not possible to identify individual foods that affect the individual level.

- This is very complex.

I can understand that it is not as easy as a consumer to take a position on this. 

We decide to buy a test and see what it can provide.

In the clip, you can follow and see the result.