Europe 1 Studio SEASON 2021 - 202207:00 a.m., January 24, 2022

The life of Victor Hugo is marked by the success of his poems, novels and plays, but also by his numerous liaisons and love stories. The greatest French writer of the 19th century was also a great seducer. In this new episode of the "At the heart of History" podcast, Clémentine Portier-Kaltenbach looks at the story of those who played a central role in this literary epic, women who hated each other... before becoming occasional allies.

Husband, lover and father all at the same time, Victor Hugo was always surrounded by women, even during his nineteen years of exile in Jersey, then Guernsey, following the coup d'etat of Louis Napoléon Bonaparte in 1851. How did his mistresses, Juliette Drouet and Léonie Biard, live?

What did his wife Adèle Foucher think of all these conquests?

And what about his daughters, especially Adèle Hugo?

In this new episode of the podcast "At the heart of history", Clémentine Portier-Kaltenbach is interested in the history of the women who remained in the shadow of the famous author of Les Misérables.

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"At the heart of history" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast

Writing and presentation: Clémentine Portier-Kaltenbach

Producer: Timothée Magot

Directed by: Oscar Vataire 

Broadcaster: Eloise Bertil

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