Region Västerbotten's goal is to meet the care guarantee with at least 70 percent of patients seeking help in primary care.

They should receive help within three days.

The goal is grossly missed in the entire Region, which has an average of 20 percent, but in Skellefteå last year only eight percent of patients received an initial assessment in time.

"Worrying situation"

- You get help, but it can take some time based on the fact that we have a worrying situation with high search pressure and high absenteeism among our staff, says Camilla Andersson, area manager local health care.

- People sometimes refer to the pandemic, and with all due respect for what it has meant, these problems already existed before, says Yannick Kercoff at the Swedish Psychological Association Västerbotten in Skellefteå.

Missing staff

The staffing situation in Skellefteå and Norsjö in 2021 is particularly remarkable, the Region writes in its investigation.

There are not enough staff to take care of the number of patients seeking help.

In addition, there are vacancies in mental health care at 8 of 12 health centers.

During the year, a major dropout occurred when five psychologists resigned from their jobs in primary care.

Find more effective methods

- Right now the staffing situation looks better.

We also have a work in progress where we look at the working methods around mental illness at the Health Centers.

We need to find efficient and more standardized working methods, says Camilla Andersson.

- Now it will be up to evidence to see if they can keep them, says psychologist Yannick Kercoff.