A "fake" message spread by opponents of vaccination and deniers of the corona virus is the tale of the gigantic wave of layoffs of unvaccinated nursing staff.

Apparently cleverly fictitious job applications from nurses who allegedly want to avoid compulsory vaccination by changing jobs flood the advertising pages of East and West German regional newspapers.

However, as in France or Italy, the flood of dismissals feared by nursing associations and trade unions because of compulsory vaccination in the healthcare sector has not materialised.

There are understandable reasons why, according to surveys, many employees have lost interest in their work.

Even before Corona, working conditions in nursing homes and clinics were more stressful than in other professions.

On top of that, the job is still paid far too little compared to the responsibility that has increased during the pandemic.

The Corona bonus, which was only paid with a delay and after a lot of political haggling, has changed little.

On the contrary: The staff shortage that has existed for years has worsened during the pandemic.

In this situation, it is a perfidious strategy to stir up the mood in clinics and nursing homes with fake advertisements.