The body of a French septuagenarian attempting to row across the


has not been recovered, the

Portuguese Navy

reported on Sunday , a day after the adventurer's support team announced he had been found dead in his boat.

"The search ended at the end of the day yesterday (Saturday) without it being possible to find the victim," the Navy said in a statement about the search for

Jean-Jacques Savin

, 75.

The statement by the Portuguese navy contradicts the message released on Saturday by Savin's support team, according to which the


coast guard

had found the canoe on Friday near the



and a diver had found the body of the French adventurer without cabin life.

State in which the rowing boat of the French triathlete who wanted to cross the Atlantic was found. PORTUGUESE MARINEAFP

A spokesman for the Portuguese Navy told AFP that during the rescue operation the team had "strong reasons to believe there could be a body" in the cabin of the


(Audacious), Savin's canoe.

A member of Savin's support team told AFP: "There has been some confusion that we are trying to clear up. We don't know more."

"We are awaiting information from the Portuguese authorities," he added.

Savin, a triathlete, began the journey on January 1 from the south of Portugal with the intention of reaching the


in an eight-meter-long rowing boat.

But on Friday his team lost contact with him after activating two emergency signals.

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