It should not change the face of the campaign, but Valérie Pécresse this morning officially received significant support for her candidacy: that of the Centrists.

She promised this small formation "a program of powerful reforms", without letting go of firmness in matters of regal.

“My project is on the right, it is breaking, but it is 100% compatible with your values”, assured the candidate LR, assuring: “we are here to embody a third way between immobility and demagoguery”.

A party chaired by Hervé Morin

She was speaking at the National Council of Centrists, who had just voted on a motion promising her to commit herself "fully and totally to her campaign".

Paying homage to the "fidelity" of the party chaired by Hervé Morin, she praised the values ​​in which she "recognizes herself": "Europe, solidarity, freedom, decentralization" but also "open to society, its developments" such as "equality between all regardless of color or origin, gender equality".

Faced with “presidential cynicism”, the president of Ile-de-France promised to “restore order in the accounts” with a program of “powerful reforms” on pensions, unemployment insurance or decentralization.

Hollow criticism against Zemmour

“We are going to put education at the heart of our project”, she also promised, taking up her idea of ​​an “educational nation” which “will put an end to the single college which is in fact uniform”.

Criticizing Eric Zemmour without naming him, she felt that "educational inclusion is not a dangerous obsession, but a burning obligation" because "we must learn the existence of vulnerability and difference".

And "I also want to speak in this campaign of tenderness, love and fraternity", launched the former Minister of Higher Education.

"I'm not zig-zag, I don't tell everyone what they want to hear", she added the day after a visit to the very right-handed Laurent Wauquiez, underlining his "obsession" to "redo nation”.

"With me you will have a president who will restore order", she assured by proposing a "zero impunity pact" and an "emergency plan".

Around the UDI

Hervé Morin for his part assured that he had "no problem" with this firmness on the regal.

“When we are center-right we are liberal, we are attached to individual freedoms, but we are also for a strong State on its sovereign missions, capable of ensuring the security, justice and protection of our compatriots”, has he added.

Valérie Pécresse is then expected at the National Council of the UDI, which should also vote her support.


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