China News Agency, United Nations, January 21 (Reporter Madlin) United Nations Secretary-General Guterres raised the "five alarms" of global challenges on the 21st, calling on all countries to take urgent action to respond.

  Guterres reported to the United Nations General Assembly on the same day the priorities for 2022.

The "five alarms" include: the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the failure of the global financial system, climate change, disruption of technology and cyberspace, and damage to peace and security.

  Regarding the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Guterres said that fighting the epidemic must be the world's top priority, and must be based on science and common sense.

He emphasized that achieving vaccine equity is the top priority in the fight against the epidemic, urging countries and vaccine manufacturers to prioritize support for the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access Facility (COVAX).

  Talking about the global financial system, Guterres said that the system should provide financial support for countries to overcome major crises such as the epidemic, but now poor countries receive much less capital through the global financial system than rich countries.

He proposed several reforms, including adjusting the special drawing rights (SDR) quota for countries in need, establishing a fairer global tax system, and dealing with illicit financial flows.

  On the issue of climate change, Guterres called for the establishment of a coalition against climate change to provide financial and technical support to countries in need.

Developed countries must deliver on their pledge to provide developing countries with $100 billion a year in climate finance starting in 2022.

  On issues of technology and cyberspace, Guterres proposed a Global Digital Compact, bringing together governments, the private sector and civil society to agree on key principles underpinning global digital cooperation.

In the areas of digital technology, biotechnology and neurotechnology, new regulatory frameworks should be explored.

  Regarding peace and security, Guterres emphasized the UN's determination to maintain peace and pledged to spare no effort to promote international action to address challenges around the world.

He also called on the Security Council to unite in maintaining peace and security.

  Guterres said that the "five alarms" are all related to the failure of global governance, and how to take effective measures to deal with them will determine the development of mankind and the earth in the coming decades.

He called on all to unite and explore a new, more hopeful and fairer path in 2022.