Democratic Party leader Song Young-gil said to candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, "We need to learn the lessons from the history of President Syngman Rhee's unprepared North Korean reunification and annihilation, and then he was invaded by the South on the 6/25."

CEO Song wrote this on social media and criticized it as "the theory of a pre-emptive strike against North Korea, which is said without the support of reconnaissance assets such as wartime OPCON recovery and military satellites, is a fiction."

Song also pointed out, "The theory of a preemptive strike can raise military tensions on the Korean Peninsula and lead to a major economic crisis such as a fall in stock prices and withdrawal of foreign investors." and Yun Seok-yeol, a book about the Cuban Missile Crisis, will be sent as a gift.”

Regarding North Korea's successive missile launches and hints of resumption of nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missile launches, Song said, "When Trump was president, without lifting sanctions on North Korea, he prevented war through dialogue with Kim Jong-un and launched long-range missiles and additional nuclear weapons. I boasted that I had stopped the experiment, but that statement became irrelevant.”

"Even so, North Korea must never cross the red line," Song continued, "because the United States can no longer neglect the North Korean nuclear issue."

To this, the People's Power refuted, saying, "What is the difference from the 'induction theory of invasion of the South' that North Korea insisted on?"

The People's Power predecessor headquarters made a comment and said, "The distorted view of history and view of the ruling party is shameful. Can you say stupid things?" he asked.

Spokesperson Hwang Gyu-hwan added, "The leader of the ruling party, who rips people's hearts out with false words every time, has now become a 'risk for Korea'."

He continued, "It is an insult to all the soldiers who are silently protecting the country despite successive missile provocations, and furthermore, to the heroes of the country who sacrificed their lives to protect the Republic of Korea during the Korean War during the Korean War." He demanded that he reveal his view of history in detail in front of the people.