Elisabeth Salomonsson witnessed when the animal trotted across the ice on Prostsjön in Värnamo:

- At first I thought it was a dog, but then when we got closer I saw that it was a wolf.

She then stood about 20 meters away.

- It was so unreal.

Some people got scared and ran away, but we stopped and watched.

You really can not understand it.

I've never seen a wolf before.

Elisabeth Salomonsson called the police because the suspected wolf was moving in the direction of the central parts of Värnamo.

- There were also people with dogs who we warned that we had seen a wolf.

Several witnesses

On social media, several people have posted testimonies that a suspected wolf was moving in the middle of the settlement:

“Just at 12.10, a large wolf suddenly stood in front of me, my partner and my son.

This was at Finnveden's high school.

It stopped and looked at us, "writes one of the witnesses.

According to Värnamo news, the police have received 10-15 calls about wolf sightings in Värnamo during the day.

The police have contacted game trackers at the County Administrative Board who will try to find out if it is a wolf that is moving in the area.

Municipal hunters are also contacted.

- I was never scared, it was more that I was surprised to see a wolf, says Elisabeth Salomonsson.

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