Editorial: The European Parliament is becoming a troupe of lies

  The European Parliament passed the so-called Hong Kong-related resolution on the 20th, and again pointed fingers and smeared Hong Kong affairs, and clamored for sanctions against the Chinese central government and officials of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It also arrogantly "urges" China to repeal the Hong Kong National Security Law, and even "calls" for a boycott Beijing Winter Olympics.

The spokesperson of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council said in a statement on the 21st that this once again exposed the arrogance, intolerance and ignorance of some European politicians.

It must be said that the speaker's generalization of the characteristics of these European politicians is really good.

  Now the European Parliament is more and more like a big troupe, with all kinds of anti-China people taking turns to appear, shouting around with "China-related proposals" full of lies and deceit.

On July 8 last year, the European Parliament passed a so-called Hong Kong-related resolution.

This time, it is an "upgraded version" with several new additions on the original basis, including: asking the EU to review its support for Hong Kong's seat in the World Trade Organization, and accusing China of "coercing" and "intimidating" Lithuania.

These politicians used to be mediocre in European politics, but accidentally discovered the "traffic password" by playing the anti-China card, so they became more extreme and arrogant every time.

  In the past year, the European Parliament has successively launched "anti-China resolutions" on China's Xinjiang, Taiwan and Hong Kong issues, and there are as many as a dozen "resolutions" involving Taiwan alone.

What does this show?

First, it shows that these people are anti-China for the sake of anti-China. They have no knowledge or interest in understanding the actual situation in Xinjiang, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, let alone care about the lives of the people there.

Second, it shows that the European Parliament has been reduced to a den of radical anti-China politicians in Europe. They have come up with a production line of "anti-China resolutions", but the "resolutions" they packaged with lies will eventually be vulnerable in the face of facts, otherwise they will Need to go out one after the other?

  In March last year, China decided to impose sanctions on 10 EU personnel and 4 entities who maliciously spread lies and false information by seriously damaging China's sovereignty and interests.

On the list of sanctioned personnel released by the Chinese side, half of the personnel are from the European Parliament.

In fact, it is mainly these few grains of mouse excrement that spoil the porridge of the European Parliament.

They tried to promote their presence by anti-China, and wanted to generate some traffic to increase their influence; other members of the parliament listened to the wind and became the rain, and became collectively blind.

Under their poisoning, the European Parliament's understanding of China and its basic judgment are prone to problems.

  These anti-China lawmakers can't hurt China, but they are becoming the black sheep of Europe.

The EU has more than 2,300 companies and 350,000 citizens in Hong Kong. In 2020, China surpassed the US to become the EU's largest trading partner, with bilateral trade volume reaching 586 billion euros, of which the total bilateral trade between Hong Kong and the EU reached 54 billion euros.

For their own political capital, these anti-China politicians agitated the European Parliament to paralyze the process of the China-EU investment agreement, preferring to use Europe's interests as cannon fodder, but also to be the pawns of Washington's Indo-Pacific strategy. A member of Congress in Brussels, or a member of the US Capitol Hill?

  In the European Parliament, there are also sober people.

Irish MEP Claire Daley bluntly pointed out in an exclusive interview with the Global Times that MEPs who accuse China of human rights issues are hypocritical - they don't really care about human rights issues, they just want to gain geopolitical interests.

They don't care about human rights issues in Europe.

As for Hong Kong, since the implementation of the National Security Law and the improvement of the electoral system, it is getting rid of black violence and turmoil, and the crime rate has dropped significantly. The number of companies stationed in Hong Kong will reach 9,049 in 2021, a record high, and the number of news media and practitioners has increased. No reduction.

In a word, Hong Kong does not have a turn or need for them to "care".

  And the vicious "anti-China packages" they took turns to offer, I am afraid there is no other way out than self-digestion.

Because they are more and more out of touch with the vital interests of the European people, no matter how hard their performances are, they can only meet the embarrassment of few responders in the end; because there is no way to stop China's development, their curse on China will definitely backfire on them , into an increasingly serious mental torture.