A counseling session was held for Afghan people evacuating from Afghanistan, where confusion continues, and many consultations were received regarding employment and status of residence in Japan.

In Afghanistan, the Islamist Taliban regained power in August last year, but due to the instability of the situation, staff working at local Japanese embassies and their families have been evacuated to Japan.

The counseling session held in Tokyo on the 22nd was jointly held by NPOs that have supported refugees for many years, and lawyers provided free counseling.

Among them, "How can I get a status of residence to be granted employment and social security in Japan?" And "Where can I get the Japanese language education necessary for employment?" From Afghan evacuees. We received many consultations such as.

In addition, some people who evacuated to Japan while leaving their families in the field were worried that the Taliban would be in a dangerous situation as the Taliban proceeded to rule.

Tokumasa Orii, the chairman of the "Afghanistan Evacuees Acceptance Consortium", said, "For those who have evacuated to Japan, employment and status of residence are major issues for people who have evacuated to Japan. I hope that the people of Afghanistan will deepen their exchanges and exchange information with each other. "