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The U.S. must immediately stop the political persecution of Chinese scientists

  "This is the latest setback for the US so-called 'China Action Plan'." On the 20th local time, the US Department of Justice officially dropped the charges against Chen Gang, a Chinese professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Reuters made the above comments.

In his statement, Chen Gang, the party involved, used a "horrific year" to describe the unwarranted disaster he experienced.

  Professor Gang Chen was arrested at his Massachusetts home in January last year.

The U.S. accused him of failing to disclose a partnership with a Chinese university when he applied for a U.S. Department of Energy grant.

However, this accusation is clearly maliciously framed.

MIT President Rafael Leif clarified in an open letter that the school's cooperation and funding exchanges with Chinese partner universities are not Chen Gang's personal behavior, but the school's behavior.

Hundreds of school staff signed an open letter expressing solidarity with Chen Gang.

As this incident fermented, the so-called "China Action Plan" implemented by the United States has been criticized more and more.

  Out of an attempt to comprehensively contain and suppress China, the U.S. side has been hampering normal people-to-people and scientific and technological exchanges between China and the U.S. in recent years.

The so-called "China Action Plan" launched in 2018 is a product of this background.

Under the guise of preventing "theft of scientific research results" and preventing "economic espionage", the plan requires judicial departments in 94 regions of the United States to file at least one or two lawsuits against China each year.

According to the MIT Technology Review last month, the "China Action Plan" has involved 77 cases and 148 people have been charged, nearly 90% of whom are of Chinese descent.

  From presupposing trumped-up charges to issuing lawsuit targets, such absurdity of disregarding judicial justice happened in the United States, which has always advertised "democracy" and "rule of law". It is simply unbelievable.

Some American public opinion pointed out that this is the US government's blatant "presumption of guilt" against Chinese scientists in the absence of real evidence.

Nearly 2,000 scholars from universities across the United States have signed a letter to the US attorney general, questioning the plan.