The circumstances are currently unclear.

The police can not clarify if the woman died as a result of an accident, or if there is a crime behind it.

- It is routine, when we have unclear deaths that the case is investigated as murder, says Evelina Olsson from the police press service.

It must be two elderly people who have some kind of relationship, and the incident must have occurred indoors.

- This man will be heard as soon as possible, then we will see what the prosecutor says, says Evelina Olsson from the police press service.

Police dogs and technicians

During the day, police and dog patrols worked at the scene.

Technicians have been sent there to secure tracks.

- It has not been possible to determine what has happened.

If the man is arrested, we will receive more information, says Evelina Olsson.

A preliminary investigation has now been launched and the man has been arrested on suspicion of murder or manslaughter.

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