China News Service, January 21. According to the WeChat official account of "Russian Dragon", on January 19, local time, Oleg Elgashev, deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, Russia, said that at present, the incidence of new crowns in St. Petersburg is increasing. The spike has risen sharply, and the city government is considering whether to introduce additional restrictions.

"This means that we are considering moving some of our corporate employees to a remote working model, banning large events, canceling regular medical checkups for residents, etc. We are working hard and constantly monitoring the situation in St. Petersburg," he said.

  Elgashev introduced that whether to strengthen epidemic prevention and restrictions is related to the risk level set by the Russian Ministry of Health.

If the risk level is lower than level 5, measures such as maintaining social distance, wearing masks, restricting large-scale event participants, and restricting work in catering establishments will be implemented.

More recently, the risk level in St. Petersburg has risen to between levels 5 and 6.

He pointed out: "In the past 3 days, the incidence of new crowns in St. Petersburg has increased significantly, which can be said to be an explosive vertical growth. That is to say, this shows that Omikron has come to St. Petersburg. Statistical week of new crown cases in St. Petersburg on the 18th The growth rate is 109%, and the statistics on the 19th reached 147%.”

  In order to minimize the spread of Omikron, on January 16, local time, St. Petersburg Mayor Beglov announced that two new nucleic acid testing points will be added on the first and second floors of Pulkovo Airport, specially for people from Passengers coming to Russia from high-risk countries/regions are tested.

  In addition, on January 17, local time, the first case of the Omicron strain was discovered in Crimea, Russia.

On the 19th, the Crimean authorities revised the decree to prohibit the elderly over 60 years old and patients with chronic diseases from leaving their homes (vaccination against the new crown, purchasing goods at the nearest location, taking out the garbage at the nearest location, and directly contributing to their lives and health). except for threats, etc.).

The decree will take effect on January 24, and it will be announced later when it will be lifted.

(Gong Zheng)