In the winter of 2020, Alexander Ignatenko and his friends were detained by the guards of the national park in Sri Lanka.

According to him, the Russians collected already dead insects outside the park, photographed them for the sake of scientific interest and were not going to take them anywhere.

They spent several months in prison, and later the Russians were placed under house arrest and their documents were confiscated.

“They had to plead guilty because they were in a critical condition.

The state of health is of great concern to both Ignatenko and other guys, ”said RT Melnikov.

He also said that the case of the Russians was practically not investigated, they need to pay a fine before the beginning of March.

“Otherwise, they will be sent back to prison,” Melnikov concluded, adding that a fundraiser was organized for the Russians.

In August, RT reported that the Russians considered the accusations against them in Sri Lanka to be absurd.