China News Service, January 21. According to the Philippine "World Journal" WeChat public account "Philippines Express", Manila Mayor Moreno has ordered the cancellation of all various Spring Festival-related celebrations.

The mayor also imposed a ban on alcohol and parades on the streets, lion dances, dragon dances and firecrackers in the Chinese district.

  Moreno also ordered Manila Barangay Bureau Director Romeo Bagai to ensure that barangay officials take action to communicate the city's executive order to residents.

Bagai was also instructed to tell all barangays to strictly enforce prohibition.

  "If the New Year's celebrations are not cancelled, they will surely become a vector for the spread of the new coronavirus, jeopardizing the health and safety of residents and those who come to celebrate," Moreno said.

  Moreno also said that any activity that would waste the city's efforts to fight the virus over the past ten months must be prevented.

"It is therefore urgent to cancel all New Year's celebrations, especially since the highly contagious Omicron strain has entered the country," he said.

  "Street parties, singing events, stage performances, parades, dragon dances, lion dances, etc. must be banned, as these activities may attract large numbers of people and lead to the spread of the new coronavirus and its mutant strains," Moreno said.