Taiwanese media hyped that the United States tried to speed up the delivery of F-16s to Taiwan, netizens: Is it the kind that will crash?

  [Global Network Comprehensive Report Reporter Zhao Youping] "United News Network", "Central News Agency" and other Taiwanese media quoted Reuters' report on the 20th early on the 21st as saying that the US government is trying to speed up the delivery of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, "to strengthen Taiwan's defense. ability".

Some netizens on the island are worried about this, and the F-16 delivered in advance "is the kind that will crash?"

  According to Taiwan's "United News Network" report, the U.S. State Department approved the sale of 66 F-16V fighter jets to Taiwan in August 2019, which were manufactured by Lockheed Martin with a budget of NT$250 billion.

If Taiwan receives these new fighters, the total number of F-16s including older models will exceed 200 by 2026.

After the U.S. State Department announced the arms sales information, Taiwan's defense department immediately expressed its hope to advance the full delivery date from 2027 to 2026.

  CNN claimed in October last year that "shared planes" and "disturbances to Taiwan" were increasing day by day. Taiwan and American officials discussed the possibility of early delivery of the plane. The Taiwan side put forward a demand and hoped that the plane would be delivered in advance. It was reported at the time that, Still to be decided by the U.S. side.

  The latest Reuters report, citing unnamed officials, said the U.S. government is trying to speed things up, but has not yet come up with a solution, nor has it asked Lockheed Martin to adjust the delivery time.

  Reuters revealed that Lockheed Martin not only manufactures the F-16 fighter jets ordered by Taiwan, but also Bahrain, Slovakia and Bulgaria ahead of the Taiwan order. Even if the US government asks Lockheed Martin to do so, it can be done earlier How long is also an issue, and it also takes a long time to procure parts for Taiwan's F-16 fighter jets, which may complicate the process if accelerated.

  Reuters quoted Taiwan's "senior officials" as saying, "The requirement for early delivery of aircraft is entirely based on risk assessment, and where the danger is at a glance; the 'shared aircraft' frequently crosses the 'Taiwan Strait Central Line' and 'infests' Taiwan's 'air defense identification zone'. The Air Force wears out every time it lifts off to meet the enemy."

  Reuters also claimed that the interception of "shared planes" created pressure on the Taiwan Air Force. At least three fatal crashes occurred last year. Military experts have analyzed that the accumulated fuel cost, pilot status and comprehensive wear and tear of the aircraft body will threaten the Taiwan Air Force in the long run. combat readiness.

  Taiwan's "United News Network" said the U.S. State Department, Taiwan Air Force and Lockheed Martin all declined to respond to the news.

  Regarding the Taiwan media's early hype that "the U.S. government is trying to speed up the delivery of the F-16 to Taiwan", some netizens on the island recalled the recent incident of the Taiwanese F-16V fighter jet crashing into the sea: "Broken copper and iron, killing the pilot", "" How to fight this second-rate weapon and keep falling?" Some netizens worry that the F-16 delivered in advance "is the kind that will crash?"

  Some netizens on the island believe that if there are not enough pilots, no amount of military aircraft is in vain.

Some people also think, "There is no human being, and lack of training will only cause more falls! ... Other people's children will never die! The taxpayer's money will never run out!"

  Some netizens asked: "Is the F-16V useful in the face of the J-20?" Many netizens believe that the United States has accelerated the delivery of the aircraft to rush to collect the payment and clear the inventory at a high price.