Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Goto said that experts on measures against the new corona have put together a view that younger generations with a low risk of aggravation should consider diagnosing only by symptoms without conducting tests. In the agenda for consideration, he acknowledged that inspections should be conducted at this time.

Regarding the response to Omicron strains, members of the government subcommittee and the expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said that if the number of infected people increases rapidly, medical care and tests may be strained, and the younger generation with low risk of aggravation , We considered diagnosing only by symptoms without testing, and summarized the view that medical care should be secured for elderly people who are at risk of becoming seriously ill.

Regarding this, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Goto said at a press conference, "At this point, if you are not feeling well, you need to have a medical examination or examination. I am aware that I said, "It's not right now." "

Regarding the view that it is necessary to limit the number of people who can reduce contact opportunities in situations where there is a high risk of infection, rather than "controlling the flow of people" such as refraining from going out, "At this point," the number of people "to ensure that contact opportunities are reduced. "Restrictions" are important, but if the infection spreads further in some areas and medical strains arise, a stronger form of "human flow control" is needed. "

Furthermore, in order to secure a medical care provision system, Minister Goto will expand the dispatch of workers such as nurses, which is currently permitted only to medical institutions in remote areas, to areas other than remote areas, and will also provide nurses to facilities for the elderly. When he was seconded, he announced a policy to raise the subsidy paid to the medical institution from which he was seconded.