Representative Hong Jun-pyo of People's Strength said, "I express my deepest regret that the agreement to participate in the election camp was canceled."

Rep. Hong said on his Facebook page, "I must say that the essence of the problem lies in the displeasure of the request for supplementation of state management capabilities and the strict enforcement of corruption by the wife."

He continued, "The candidate cannot criticize it, so it is truly heinous to use the nomination recommendation as a pod and drive himself into an old-fashioned politician with the so-called 'Yun Hak-kwan', a key official of Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol's side."

Rep. Hong also asked, "Anyone can present an opinion on the nomination, but if you use that as a pod to guard the candidate's planting, how will the election be done for the rest of the year?"

Rep. Hong also criticized former President Choi, saying, "I made a nomination recommendation for myself without prior discussion, but I use it as a means of criticism, and the people who are being used are also pathetic."

It is interpreted as emphasizing that there was no self-interest in recommending the strategic nominations of Choi Jae-hyung, former Auditor General in Jongno, Daegu, and Lee Jin-hoon, former head of Suseong-gu, Jungnam-gu, Daegu.

Rep. Hong added, "The inconvenient truth is not covered by avoiding it," adding, "The people and party members are not stupid."