The Japanese embassy returned this and strongly protested to the Korean side because the gift given by South Korean President Mun Jae-in to the ambassadors of each country during the Lunar New Year had a picture that seems to be Takeshima in Shimane Prefecture. Did.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in is giving gifts containing local specialties to about 15,000 people, including national meritors and ambassadors, this week before the Lunar New Year. On the box was a picture of what appears to be Takeshima in Shimane Prefecture, which South Korea calls "Tokto (Dokdo)" and claims sovereignty.

It is said that such a gift was also delivered to the Japanese ambassador to Sosei, who is stationed in Seoul, but the Japanese embassy refused to receive it on the 21st and revealed that it was returned immediately.

After that, he reiterated Japan's consistent position regarding Takeshima's sovereignty to the South Korean side and strongly protested.

Japan states that "Takeshima is clearly a territory peculiar to Japan in the light of historical facts and under international law."

Regarding Takeshima, following the landing of the Secretary of the South Korean Police Agency in November last year, the joint press conference of the three countries of Japan, the United States and South Korea at the level of the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs was abruptly canceled, and the South Korean army last month. Is training in the surrounding waters, and the Japanese side is protesting.