It is a 350-kilowatt charger that corresponds to approximately 25 villas in power.

- The reason why we have chosen to place the charging stations in Arvidsjaur and Kiruna is because the E45 is the backbone for car testing and right now heavy vehicles are being tested near these places, says Robert Granström, chairman of the car testing companies' collaboration organization Swedish proving ground association, SPGA.

Few charging stations in Norrbotten

What you look at is, among other things, how far you get with a heavy vehicle when it is cold and how much is spent on the heating system in the vehicle. 

What does it look like with charging stations in the county? 

- The car test companies have very many chargers inside the gates.

The charging stations are built in just a few years, but private individuals can not charge their vehicles there, Granström says. 

Hope to extend the car test season

What do you hope this project will lead to?

 - We hope to be able to expand the charging infrastructure above all.

It would mean a lot to the European automotive industry if we got a public charging infrastructure.

Then we could extend the car test season, says Robert Granström, chairman of SPGA. 

In the clip, Robert Granström, chairman of the car test companies' collaboration organization, talks about the need for a good charging infrastructure inland.