Under the slogan "No to vaccine passes" and "For a free Sweden without vaccine passes", thousands of people are expected to join the so-called freedom demonstration in Stockholm.

One of them is Urban Sterner from Boden, who together with other people from Norrbotten has arranged a joint bus trip. 

- I have at previous demonstrations heard immigrants from former communist states say that we saw this in our countries before, that is why we came to Sweden, says Urban Sterner.

- When they came to Sweden, it was because they wanted to be able to move freely in their country.

Not against vaccines

Urban Sterner from Boden is the one who drives the bus to Stockholm.

He says that he is not demonstrating against the covid vaccine, but against the very principle of vaccine passports.

- If you are older or in a risk group, it is great that there is a vaccine, he says.

You can hear his reasoning in the video above.