China News Service, Jan. 21 (Reuters) - An Australian-assisted Tonga plane was forced to return to its base after a positive case of the new crown appeared on the plane, Australian defense officials said on the 21st local time.

On January 17, local time, Tonga, aerial photos provided by the New Zealand Defence Force showed that the coastal area of ​​Tonga was damaged, and volcanic ash covered buildings and vegetation.

  A spokesman for the Australian Ministry of Defence said the Australian aid plane left Brisbane on the afternoon of the 20th, but turned back mid-flight after being notified of a positive case of the new crown.

  On the 15th, the underwater volcano on the Hongahaapai Island in Tonga erupted violently and triggered a local tsunami, and many countries are assisting it.

Tonga is one of the few countries that is virtually free of the coronavirus, according to UN officials.

The country is currently enforcing strict precautionary regulations due to fears of the spread of the new coronavirus.