[Explanation] Bridges are an important symbol for human beings to use and transform nature, and also reflect the national scientific and technological level and comprehensive national strength.

In recent years, Chinese bridge builders have constantly set new world bridge records, creating "firsts" and "bests".

  [Explanation] Xu Gongyi, a super-level expert of China Railway and deputy chief engineer of China Railway Bridge Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd., recently accepted an exclusive interview with China News Agency "East-West Question", talking about the evolution and future of China's bridge construction history.

  【同期】中国中铁特级专家 中铁大桥勘测设计院集团有限公司副总工程师 徐恭义:

  After the completion of the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, we began to have our own professional team, professional design team, and professional construction team. We have truly achieved the "Complete Society", which has laid such a professional technical foundation for the development of this industry.

  [Commentary] Xu Gongyi said that the team was then responsible for the design and construction of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge.

The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge broke the assertion of foreign experts that "a bridge cannot be built on the Nanjing River", and opened a new era of independent construction of super-large bridges in China.

  【同期】中国中铁特级专家 中铁大桥勘测设计院集团有限公司副总工程师 徐恭义:

  It is precisely because of such a technical foundation (the construction of the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge) that when we build the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge next, the hydrogeological and river conditions are more complicated, but we have a deeper understanding in our hearts.

The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is completely independent and self-reliant, from the basic design to the manufacture of steel beams, the production of raw materials, and the final erection.

  [Explanation] China has rich experience in bridge construction since ancient times.

Zhaozhou Bridge, which has a history of more than 1,400 years, is the most complete ancient open-shouldered stone arch bridge in China. It appeared more than 700 years earlier than similar bridges in Europe.

However, Xu Gongyi admitted that the development of modern bridge technology in China is relatively lagging behind, and there is a big gap with foreign countries.

Although it started late, China's bridge construction has been "overtaking" all the way.

  【同期】中国中铁特级专家 中铁大桥勘测设计院集团有限公司副总工程师 徐恭义:

  China's bridge records in recent years have been constantly refreshed, not only in terms of quantity and size, but also far ahead in span, load capacity, and function.

The world's top ten suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, arch bridges, and even continuous girder bridges and high-speed railway bridges change year by year.

A big feature of the change is that the proportion of Chinese bridges is increasing, so now in each different type of bridges, Chinese bridges have exceeded half.

  [Explanation] What is the internal driving force that promotes the leapfrog development of China's bridge construction?

Xu Gongyi said that a stable and sustainable social and economic development environment has provided a rare opportunity for bridge engineers to design and build extra-large bridges.

  【同期】中国中铁特级专家 中铁大桥勘测设计院集团有限公司副总工程师 徐恭义:




  【同期】中国中铁特级专家 中铁大桥勘测设计院集团有限公司副总工程师 徐恭义:



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