A human drama.

Ouarda M'Rini, a young schizophrenic woman, was sentenced this Thursday by the Bobigny Assize Court to nine years in prison for having inflicted violence on her four-month-old infant in 2019, who died of "shaken baby" syndrome.

The sentence pronounced is well below the requisitions of the general prosecutor's office, which had requested 18 years of criminal imprisonment, as well as a definitive ban on French territory, against the 29-year-old young woman.

“A mother has no right of life and death over her child”

Pierre Deval, his lawyer, hailed "a human decision and a legal decision".

During his argument, he described the requisitions as "misanthropic".

“You are asked to judge her as if she were endowed with reason”, but “Ouarda did not take her medication”, he explained, pleading for the abolition of discernment.

“What is more serious than to abuse your child to the point of killing him?

“, had questioned the general counsel during his requisitions.

“A mother does not have a right of life and death over her child”, she continued, considering that the accused was “perfectly aware of the harm she was doing to her son, but was starting again”.

Victim of "shaken baby syndrome"

Ouarda M'Rini, originally from Spain, has been appearing since Tuesday for "violence resulting in death without intention of giving it to a minor and by ascending".

On June 20, 2019, the emergency services intervened in a metro station in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis) at the call of this young mother who declared that her son fell down the stairs by slipping from the seat where he was not. was not attached.

Youssef, her four-month-old baby, is taken to Necker hospital in serious condition.

He will die ten days later, a victim of "shaken baby syndrome".

His body had a set of bruises and several lesions characteristic of this abuse, fatal in 10% of cases.

According to witnesses, the child was covered with bruises on half of the face and skull and his limbs were frozen.

Ouarda M'Rini admitted during the investigation to be at the origin of beatings on her child, whom she dated the day before the facts.

"We are not on an isolated fact, we are on regular violence", had reprimanded the general counsel.

Flight from Spain

According to a psychiatric expert interviewed the same morning, his discernment had been altered at the time of the events.

Diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager, she told the court of her chaotic life, marked by family abuse, rape as an adult by several men and forced prostitution.

In December 2018, eight months pregnant, she left Spain, fearing that social services would take her child, and arrived in France, where she lived in precarious conditions in social hotels.

Miscellaneous facts

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