Fountains painted in bright colors, benches made up of huge wooden beams, shared mini-gardens at the foot of trees... For several years, the Paris City Hall has tried to renew the capital's street furniture with more or less initiatives. less well received.

Less than more besides, with regard to the #saccageparis movement which was created on social networks to denounce the town planning policy of the municipality led by Anne Hidalgo.

While the extent of the movement is difficult to quantify, activity on the Internet is not necessarily indicative of the average citizen's thinking.

The town hall has nevertheless given up on many of these projects via a manifesto for beauty that sounds like an admission of failure.

Return to the Davioud grids for the trees, preservation and enhancement of historic urban furniture, particularly from the Second Empire, including the Davioud benches and the Wallace fountains.

But also the sustainability of temporary cycle paths, abandoning the beacons and yellow markings in favor of concrete strips... The new Parisian aesthetic will be more traditional.

Do you think the town hall is making the right decision by returning to more historical choices?

You haven't tasted the town hall's attempts at stylistic “innovations”?

On the contrary, do you regret that the town hall is backtracking on the use of new materials in the capital?

Did you appreciate these green and shared spaces that gave a more "green" side to the streets of Paris?

Give us your opinion by filling out the form below.


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