The proposal includes a ban on certain types of advertising, which is a direct blow to the internet giants Google and Facebook.

The proposal is called the DSA (digital services act), and it also contains penalties for those platforms and websites that violate extensive rules regarding what content may be displayed on the internet, with new rules for the handling of illegal and inappropriate material.

- We have just agreed that there must be order and order in the digital wild west online, says EU parliamentarian Arba Kakalari (M), who was involved in developing the proposal, to SVT.

"Introducing digital rules"

Parliament adopted the proposal by a large majority.

A draft of the proposal has already been approved by the responsible ministers of the EU Member States.

Compromise negotiations are now beginning to produce a final law, which can take place already this spring.

The speed of the bill is very high for being an EU, as the European Commission presented the proposal as late as December 2020.

- It is our duty to ensure that what is illegal offline is also illegal online.

We must ensure that we introduce digital rules that benefit consumers and citizens, says the Danish EU parliamentarian Christel Schaldemose.