Seconds that seemed endless.

In the Italian Senate, this Monday, a meeting which was held by videoconference was disrupted by the broadcast of a pornographic video, reports HuffPost.

The meeting brought together senators and several participants, including the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics, Giorgio Parisi.

Their discussion on transparency and open data was then interrupted for nearly a minute by the on-screen appearance of Tifa Lockhart, a character from the video game 

Final Fantasy III,

having sex.

The wanted culprit

Senator Maria Laura Mantovani, who was organizing the meeting, quickly took matters into her own hands.

“Someone slipped into the meeting, I'm sorry.

If someone in charge could help me get this person out,” he can be heard saying.

This person, is a surfer named Alex Spence, according to the images.

The intruder was finally released and the meeting was able to resume its course "as if nothing had happened", confided the senator to the Italian press agency Adnkronos.

The incident has been reported to the competent authorities so that the person responsible for the dissemination of this video can be identified.

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