Alexis Guilleux, edited by Solène Delinger 9:51 a.m., January 20, 2022

A ruined birthday party for Joe Bien.

The American president, who is celebrating his first year in the White House, has just suffered a new setback.

The Senate purely and simply buried its electoral reform.

A disappointment that closes a Biden year marked by inflation at 7% and tensions with China and Russia.

More than ever, the President of the United States seems to be in trouble. 

A year after his arrival at the White House, it's time to take stock for Joe Biden.

The President of the United States defended his accomplishments on Wednesday during a press conference.

But its development was quickly overshadowed by the Ukrainian crisis and the disappointment of the Democrats in the Senate.

The latter failed to pass the electoral reform desired by Biden. 

7% inflation

This setback is like a symbol of this first year in office during which Joe Biden came up against the wall of the Senate, the opposition of the Republicans and that of two elected centrist Democrats. They do not want to hear about this reform to protect the voting rights of minorities. They are already the ones who have been blocking the White House's major social and environmental spending plan since the fall. Added to these political failures is record inflation: +7% in 2021.

It weighs on the wallets of Americans and has plunged the popularity of the president.

A very difficult first year for Joe Biden.

It had however started well with the passage of a support plan for the economy and another on the modernization of infrastructures.

Vaccination was also off to a flying start but very quickly slowed down, weakening the United States against the Delta and then Omicron waves.

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International difficulties 

Joe Biden is also experiencing a lot of difficulties on the international scene and his fall in opinion polls coincides with the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

This departure was desired by the Americans, but the images of Kabul were terrible for Joe Biden, who presented himself as an expert on international issues.

During his first twelve months, the president never stopped announcing the return of America with a fairly harsh tone vis-à-vis Beijing, presented as the competitor of the United States in the 21st century.

And then finally, for a few weeks, it is Russia which has once again become the main concern of the White House with this Ukrainian crisis.

Joe Biden predicts that Vladimir Putin will test the West and that Russia faces severe sanctions.