The station will be a merger of the current stations in Hallstahammar and Kolbäck.

Today they are manned by part-time firefighters, so the new station will also be manned.

Central location

Nowadays, the rescue services in Köping, Arboga and Kungsör are included in the Mälardalen Rescue Service.

With a location of a training area and training facilities in Hallstahammar, that part ends up more centrally in the county.

Today, that function is located in Västerås.

If the decision is made as expected now in February, construction can begin.

The estimated cost for the entire package is SEK 180 million.

- It is of course a lot of money, but you get a lot for your money, so we think that this will still be a win for everyone that we carry out the project, says Christer Ängehov.

"That's what's so good about this place, it's right in the middle of the union's area," says Christer Ängehov, head of the Mälardalen Rescue Service, about the location of the new station and exercise area.

Photo: Fredrik Björkholm / SVT