Iran's President Laisi visited Russia for the first time since taking office, met with President Putin, and emphasized the idea of ​​strengthening economic cooperation to counter US sanctions.

As talks over the nuclear deal are difficult, it seems that there is also the aim of strengthening relations with Russia and urging the United States to make concessions.

Iran's anti-US and conservative hardline President Vladimir Putin visited Russia for the first time since taking office last August and met with President Putin.

At the beginning, President Putin emphasized that he is working closely with Iran on the challenges of the international community, saying, "It is very important to know Iran's position on the nuclear agreement."

In response, President Raishi said, "The relationship between the two countries will be strategic and permanent. We will counter the one-sided way of the United States with Russia," and said that it would be economical to counter the sanctions of the United States. He emphasized the idea of ​​strengthening cooperation between the two countries.

In the talks over Iran's nuclear agreement, there is wide disagreement over the scope of sanctions to be lifted by the United States, and there is no prospect of a conclusion.

The Raishi administration seems to have the aim of urging the United States to make concessions in talks to rebuild the nuclear agreement by strengthening relations with Russia, which has traditionally been friendly.