A court in New York, eastern United States, told parents of an American student who died after being detained in North Korea in Japanese yen from an account related to North Korea seized by a state accounting inspector. I decided to pay more than 10,000 yen.

Otto Warmbia, an American college student, was detained in North Korea for more than a year while visiting for sightseeing, and was released in 2017 and returned to the United States, but died shortly after suffering a brain injury.

On the 13th of this month, a federal district court in New York, USA, told Warmbier's parents about $ 240,000 from a bank account seized by an accounting auditor in New York for being involved with North Korea. I decided to pay more than 27 million yen.

Four years ago, parents filed a lawsuit against North Korea for damages, alleging that Warmbier had been tortured and died in North Korea, and a federal district court in the capital Washington of more than $ 500 million against North Korea, 570. I have ordered the payment of compensation of more than 100 million yen, and this payment will be part of it.

The court said the parents were entitled to the seized funds, saying that they "gave both North Korea and the banks an opportunity to argue, but neither objected."